Initial Appointment

Initial Appointment


Location for Initial Appointment

Assuming jurisdictional issues are satisfied, you have two choices for the location of our first meeting.

Our Office

You are welcome to fly to San Antonio, Texas where our principal offices are located. We would be more than happy to recommend suitable lodgings, transportation and entertainment. There is no charge for your appointment here, nor is there any obligation. We consider it a gratis meet and greet to see if you want to work with us, and we want to work with you. Once representation documents are signed, all subsequent meetings will be located at an agreed location.

Your location

If you would rather choose for us to come to you, we have two simple requests. First, we request enough information to verify your identity (you are who you say you are) and that you have actually won or inherited a qualifying amount of wealth. This is for our security and prohibits con artists and deceptive inquiries. Second, we will waive any charges for our expert time meeting with you, but we do require a nominal $500 travel fee up-front if your location is outside the State of Texas. If (after meeting) you decide to use our services, this travel fee will be deducted from any representation fees in our agreements; otherwise it is non-refundable.

Agenda for Initial Appointment

Meet and Greet

It is important for us to get to know you, and vice versa. While you might be be examining our appearance, demeanor, experience, etc., we are also evaluating you. We want to see if you actually want or need our help. We want to make sure you are comfortable with our skill sets and expert counsel. We are looking for your willingness to commit to long-term solutions for your unique issues. And we are assessing your willingness to work with us to design and implement those solutions.

Due Diligence

We want to make sure you understand that although we are friendly...we are not your friends. We are meant to be your counsel and intend to conduct ourselves accordingly. As such, we have professional and ethical duties to make sure that all of our recommendations are legal, appropriate, timely, and suitable. The best way we can ensure that those goals are achieved is to conduct a detailed due diligence review. A due diligence review is an examination of your past experiences, current and future goals, risk tolerances, asset/expense enumeration, and budget requirements.


We have placed examples of our legal, family, and financial worksheets on this website. There are additional worksheets that will also be important. We go through these worksheets with you to ensure we have performed our due diligence; but also because they are extremely helpful for you. The worksheets are designed to provoke your thought-process in regards to your lifestyle transition. They also force you to address uncomfortable or otherwise difficult issues up-front. Lastly, the worksheets provide the rough draft of your proposed game plan, and eventual multi-generational plan.


While we will start formulating your proposals in the initial appointment, a final plan will take time to design, draft, and implement. While many plans can be initiated in a few weeks, some might take longer. The length and complexity of your plan is entirely based upon numerous factors. Some of these factors might be legal in nature, or financial. Throughout this process, we ensure that you are kept in the loop and are an active participant in your own plan.

Representation Documents


The term for our representation varies and is subject to negotiation. For financial only plans, the representation term might be very short or limited. For legal plans, the representation term might be longer as the plan becomes more complex.


We charge fees that are permissible, reasonable, and tied directly to the amount of work we are doing on your behalf. Some clients prefer hourly fees; most clients prefer flat-fee or annual fees. We will be honest and up-front with the costs of our representation during the initial appointment. The size of the fees will depend on several factors such as: length of term, role, scope of representation, liability, and miscellaneous expenses.


Our fees will be divided into four categories that closely align with five service areas: legal, non-legal trust, financial, travel, and advice. The legal, non-legal trust, and financial service areas are obvious and intuitive. We will be providing a specific product or service for the fee. The Travel service area will usually only be a part of the representation agreement if you specifically request quarterly or annual appointments at your location. The Advice service area is meant to address communication like emails or phone calls, and also business organization conferences, family meetings, and/or charitable negotiations.