A Note on Lifestyle Transitions



One would think that a lifestyle transition due to a sudden onset of wealth would be a good thing. In fact, can you think of anyone who wouldn't want to find the gold at the end of the rainbow, hit it big in Vegas, win the Lotto, or hear from the estate attorney of a long-lost billionaire relative who just died and left everything to you? Wealth is definitely one of the most encouraging motivators we have in our capitalist system. And as a result, wealth can also be considered one of the greatest curses.


In the current political and societal discourse, we are billed as a society of haves, and have-nots. Wealth is no longer just a sign of success, or a badge of honor signifying a life of hard work. You are now the hated, the despised, and the target of those who are envious and jealous.


Unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement, greed from your wealth transition is not going to be in your face obvious. It is much more likely to come in very subtle, and potentially dangerous forms. It's not hard to imagine relatives and friends who cannot help but to be envious. Some will keep greed in check, but others may not. Another is holding off amateur advisors who can't wait to get their hands on your money...and will promise you the moon, sky & stars to get their foot in the door. And last but definitely not least, the U.S. Treasury is ever-present who can't wait to suck the living life out of your new-found wealth.


We created LotteryCounsel.com because we understand what you will be [or are] going through. We know what you will face (and perhaps have already faced). If it were simply a matter of writing a simple Will, or picking some stocks or annuities, you could pick just about any attorney or advisor. But that isn't the case here. You need counsel with a proven track record of dealing with wealthy clients who face these similar circumstances. You deserve counsel that can tackle all issues, not just a few. Can the average attorney or financial guy offer assistance with non-legal and non-financial issues, like family relationship management, descendant gifting, charitable bequests, etc.?


That's why we are here. We look forward to hearing from you. We look forward to winning your trust and business. And we look forward to making sure that your lifestyle transition is a good thing and not a curse.