While there are many roles we step into when assisting high wealth clients, these are the main roles that a lottery winner or inheritor would need assistance with. In some cases, we perform most or all of these roles. In other cases we perform one to two.



Executive Officer

An executive officer in terms of a lottery winner or inheritor's estate is the officer that hires, oversees and manages all other advisors.



Lead Counsel

As lead counsel, we will address all matters requiring legal advice, litigation, estate planning, and security. This includes hiring other counsel for specific matters.

Pro Hac Vice Counsel

Pro Hac Vice Counsel is an attorney from one jurisdiction serving in another, with the assistance of local counsel.

Jurisdictional Counsel

This is when the client needs specific or temporary legal representation only in one jurisdiction.



Executive Advisor

An executive advisor handles and oversees all matters that relate to the client's financial estate, including managing other advisors and CPA's.

Income Advisor

An income advisor's sole role is to manage accounts that provide an income stream for the client's cash flow.

Project Advisor

A project advisor is usually hired to manage and oversee a specific investment project.

Insurance Advisor

An insurance advisor handles all life insurance policies, annuities, long-term care, and life settlement accounts.



Estate Consultant

An estate consultant in the terms of a lottery winner or inheritor's estate can provide expert knowledge to the client or the client's advisors on a variety of issues. This is usually the best and cheapest way to get a second opinion on proposed advice from existing advisors.

Family or Third Party Intermediary

As an intermediary, our role would be to act as an impartial communicator or negotiator between you and family or third parties.