Reasons to do Business with Us

While there are many ways in which we distinguish our expert services from the competition, we feel the following non-exhaustive list will prove our case. We understand that a sudden onslaught of wealth brings unwanted advice from a plethora of greedy sources...some personal and some professional. We rise above the fray and are here to make sense of a very complicated transition in lifestyle. Rest assured, our vast experience in dealing with legal, financial, and personal needs and goals will be at your disposal.


Insurance Agent
Experience with High Wealth Clients
Basic Legal Estate Planning
Advanced Legal Estate Planning
Charitable Giving Techniques
Dynasty & Family Perpetuity Planning
Estate Tax Minimization
Income Tax Minimization
General Investment Planning
Low-Risk Investment Planning
Guaranteed Income Planning
Wealth Transfer Plan Structues
Real Estate & Business Entity Experience
Multi-Jurisdictional Planning Strategies
Complex Gifting Plans
Asset Protection and Liability Minimization

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